How to Move Upsells to a Tab in WooCommerce

I’ve combined more than one technique in order to move upsells to a tab in WooCommerce. This solution works with WooCommerce 2.6.14 as well as WooCommerce 3.0 with WordPress version 4.7.3. Full Credit goes to Skyverge for developing the shortcode and Yikes for the Custom tab plugin.

The end goal was to have upsells display in a more organized manner instead of lost at the bottom of the page or on the shopping cart page where you might end up losing a sale because the potential customer is directed away from checkout.

Step 1.

  • Connect to your installation using your favorite FTP Client or your hosting control panel.
  • Go to your wordpress installation > wp-content > plugins
  • Create a folder named woocommerce-upsells-shortcode
  • Inside of that folder, create a file named woocommerce-upsells-shortcode.php
  • Edit that file, and place the following code in the file and save:

Step 2.

  • Log into your WordPress Dashboard and enable the plugin you just created named WooCommerce Upsells Shortcode
  • Download, install, and activate the Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce plugin by Yikes

The plugin can be found in your WordPress dashboard under Settings

  • Select Add Tab
  • Name Your Tab
  • In the body of the new tab add the shortcode [woocommerce_product_upsells] and save your tab

  • As you create products that will have upsells, click on the new option Custom Tabs under your product data
  • Add a Saved Tab

  • Select your newly named tab by clicking the plus sign
  • Save your tab and continue on with your product creation.

Your product area is now more compact and easily viewed by potential customers.