How to set up “Send Mail As” in Gmail

If you haven’t already, It’s time to check out How to Set Up Google Fetcher for web mail. This is “Part Two” of that discussion. It will allow you to manage your business email all without leaving your Gmail account. Create and log in to a Gmail account.

  1. Create and log in to a Gmail account. This is where your web emails will be fetched and sent.


  1. Check for the gear icon in the upper right corner, click the gear and then click See all settings.
  1. Select the Account and Import tab which is fourth from left in the list of tabs.
  2. Under the Send Mail As heading on the left – click on Add another email address.
  3. On the next screen, write the name you want to be displayed when you send the mail, and the email address that you will use to send mail. Leave Treat as an Alias checked. This is what allows you to send from the specific email address. Click Next Step.
  4. You may need to contact your host for directions. The directions below are for those who host with Stonefield Site Services.  Enter your SMTP server as replacing with your URL.  Your username will be your full email address  Enter your password for that email address and the port will be 587. Select Secured connection using TLS (recommended) and save.
  5. Once verified, you will be able to respond as, or initial new emails from the email address you have added, right from your Gmail inbox.  Click New Message and click on the Down Arrow that will now give you a drop down box to select your email address.