What is YOUR Best Hosting Fit?

Choosing your web hosting provider is not a daunting task. However you must have the basic know-how of web hosting to choose provider wisely. Most of the times, your decision would be dependent on your preferences. We are going to discuss the common criteria and personal preferences which play a significant role in deciding right web hosting service.


Reputation of the company:

Before we rush to check the packages and plans, reputation of the company needs to be examined. Years of existence of the company speaks volume about the reliability they bring to table. You can check for reviews on popular web hosting review sites.

Customer Service:

Customer service is what you are going to need the most once, you turn into an active webmaster. It is natural to have few issues once in a while considering the software updates that need to be done. Check for the responsiveness of the company’s support staff prior to purchasing a package.

Availability of trial period:

Check whether the hosting provider offers prospective clients with a trial period or not. A week of trial period should be sufficient to rate the hosting plan. Some hosting companies may ask for credit card details in order to avail their trial packages.

Package Composition:

These factors decide the value of packages and plans listed in the company’s website:

Disk size and bandwidth:

Amount of storage and bandwidth forms the core of your web hosting package. A video hosting site may require loads of storage space or bandwidth. Depending on the number of visitors you expect to have, the required bandwidth would vary.

Server calibration:

Depending on the type of website you manage, your server requirements would vary. When you have user management system, the server should support MySQL at the least. It’s always good to have a high end web hosting server, but a lot depends on your budget and requirements.

Number of domains supported:

When you are an active webmaster, more often than not you would be in need of another domain. One can imagine the mess of managing different hosting account for every domain they own. Therefore having a hosting plan which supports more number of domains is preferred.