Google Ranking

Google Ranks Mobile Friendly Sites Higher very often makes changes within its search algorithm. These changes take place for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons for these changes is to better the traffic of the web site, improve search engine optimization (SEO), and especially to make using the Google search engine easier for users of the World Wide Web. Within a course of a year, there could be about 500 or more changes. Typically, changes to the search algorithm are minor and sometimes unnoticeable. However, a specific major change to the search algorithm will prove to make using Google a lot easier especially if most of your internet search activity takes place on your mobile device.  

In the past, search results that showed up on were based on SEO keywords and phrases used in each website and web page to relate to the keyword search you entered into the search box. Web masters and designers would carefully pick keywords and phrases that were SEO friendly in an attempt to get their web sites and web pages among the top search hits on Google. In most cases, using the right SEO keywords would be the answer to a high ranking. However, there would soon be more involved with getting a high ranking. Recently, the Google ranking algorithms have changed to better suit avid mobile users. This change is not only significant among mobile users, but also among Google search users all over the world. Continue reading for more information on this change in the Google ranking algorithm.  

On April 22, 2015, Google sent out a pre-announcement that there would be a mobile update in the Google search algorithm. The phenomenon, later announced as Mobilegeddon, would give individuals who use their mobile devices to perform Google searches the ability to access web sites that are mobile-friendly and able to be accessed via computer and mobile device. At first, the response to this change was minimal; however, later after the change was put into effect, the impact was significant because mobile users began using their mobile devices more to carry out Google searches.  smartphone-570214_640

Not only was this change seen in mobile devices, but this change would affect the rankings of your search results on your desktop as well. Web sites and web pages that once topped the Google list when you first click on the search button will no longer appear among the top hits if the sites or pages are not mobile-friendly as well. This does not change the search method for computer users because mobile-friendly web sites and pages are also accessible on desktop. If you happen to select a web site or web page that is mobile friendly while you are using your desktop, it is typical that the mobile friendly web site or page will allow you to access the desktop version of the web site right from the mobile friendly site.  

Google has always strived to make Internet search easier and more enjoyable. Making mobile-friendly sites among the top hits to appear when using Google search is a significant change that will continue to make your Internet search hassle-free!