Google Ranks Mobile Friendly Sites Higher very often makes changes within its search algorithm. These changes take place for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons for these changes is to better the traffic of the web site, improve search engine optimization (SEO), and especially to make using the Google search engine easier for users of the World Wide Web. Within a course of a year, there could be about 500 or more changes. Typically, changes to the search algorithm are minor and sometimes unnoticeable. However, a specific major change to the search algorithm will prove to make using Google a lot easier especially if most of your internet search activity takes place on your mobile device.  

In the past, search results that showed up on were based on SEO keywords and phrases used in each website and web page to relate to the keyword search you entered into the search box. Web masters and designers would carefully pick keywords and phrases that were SEO friendly in an attempt to get their web sites and web pages among the top search hits on Google. In most cases, using the right SEO keywords would be the answer to a high ranking. However, there would soon be more involved with getting a high ranking. Recently, the Google ranking algorithms have changed to better suit avid mobile users. This change is not only significant among mobile users, but also among Google search users all over the world. Continue reading for more information on this change in the Google ranking algorithm.  

On April 22, 2015, Google sent out a pre-announcement that there would be a mobile update in the Google search algorithm. The phenomenon, later announced as Mobilegeddon, would give individuals who use their mobile devices to perform Google searches the ability to access web sites that are mobile-friendly and able to be accessed via computer and mobile device. At first, the response to this change was minimal; however, later after the change was put into effect, the impact was significant because mobile users began using their mobile devices more to carry out Google searches.  smartphone-570214_640

Not only was this change seen in mobile devices, but this change would affect the rankings of your search results on your desktop as well. Web sites and web pages that once topped the Google list when you first click on the search button will no longer appear among the top hits if the sites or pages are not mobile-friendly as well. This does not change the search method for computer users because mobile-friendly web sites and pages are also accessible on desktop. If you happen to select a web site or web page that is mobile friendly while you are using your desktop, it is typical that the mobile friendly web site or page will allow you to access the desktop version of the web site right from the mobile friendly site.  

Google has always strived to make Internet search easier and more enjoyable. Making mobile-friendly sites among the top hits to appear when using Google search is a significant change that will continue to make your Internet search hassle-free!

Ensuring That Your E-mail Is Not Spam

At times, email deliverability becomes a very serious issue, especially when an important email lands in the Spam. Email has today become one of the most important parts of our life and if we are unable to communicate effectively, it becomes a big issue. Just like Google adjusting its algorithms for ensuring effective results, similarly, email settings also need to be adjusted on a regular basis so that there is no problem in delivering non spam email.  The following topics can help the effectiveness of email deliverability-


Make sure you are compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act

If you are sending across an electronic message, you must make sure that you comply with the primary 7 requirements of electronic communication with another.

  1. Avoid using misleading headers in your mails
  2. Avoid using subject lines that are deceptive
  3. Identify your message as an advertisement
  4. Tell recipients where you are located
  5. Tell recipients how they can opt out of your list
  6. Honor any requests for opting out of your list
  7. Monitor what the others are doing on your behalf


Make your list a “double opt-in” list

Make sure you convert your list into a double opt-in list. People will have to confirm twice before they can receive your email newsletters. The people, who subscribe to your email newsletter, should not think it is SPAM and delete your messages. You should, therefore, make sure that they understand how the double opt-in process works. If you want an effective e-mail list, you must make sure that you set up the double opt-in process for your email newsletters. This will help reduce complaints against you that you are spamming the inboxes of your subscribers. When someone blames you for spamming, it is a very serious matter.

Concept of email filter in work.

Avoid phishing messages and spam trigger words

Unfortunately, the list of spam trigger words is never complete. Furthermore, it is not always the case that when you use a spam trigger word, your mail will necessarily end up in the spam folder of your subscribers. The main thing that you have to remember is that the spam filter is only trying to remove promotions and commercial advertisements. So, you should sparingly use such words or completely avoid them in order to prevent your newsletter from landing in the spam folder of your subscribers. Phishing emails are fraudulent emails that are sent out to look as if they are from trusted companies to get the details of the users. You would thus want to avoid phrases that are used solely in phishing emails in order to avoid being reported as a person, who indulges in phishing.

Get off blacklists

Your web server should not be on any blacklists. Otherwise, it can become difficult to send emails reliably. Check whether your website has been blacklisted or not. You can do this by visiting any of the following links:

If your website is found on one of these blacklists, then make sure you follow up with the website that has put you on their blacklist.



The Importance of Websites for your Business

With today’s modern world, having the ability to connect with your customers as well as other businesses is the number one way to pave the road to success. In the old days, businesses used to rely on advertising and physically handing out business cards to do the work for them, but the digital age has made the process so much easier. Websites have become the means in which businesses have started to advertise and provide the information that customers need to start connecting with them and finding out more about them.3D people talking on metallic cans

Not only does it disseminate key information about new products and services, but customers can also find your location. This provides them with the foundation they need to trust the validity of your business if they choose to send physical mail to your location. It also puts their mind at rest that you are legitimate business with a solid location that they can rely on. Despite the aspects of the digital realm, customers are still more trusting of service providers who have a physical office at a fixed location, instead of something less tangible.

Hours of operation is also an important piece of information to include on business websites, as customers can be aware of when they can visit your location, should they require your services and/or products. It also provides them with future planning during special occasions, such as public holidays, so that they can plan accordingly if you are not operating on those days. Including the hours of operations can be very important for those who work until late into the evening, and require some means of determining whether you’re open or not, before visiting your physical location.

Websites not only serve to provide information to your customers, but they can also be used to promote your new products and services that you’re putting out into the market. Customers tend to do research online about the specific products that they’re looking for before they decide to purchase anything, and providing them with this information through an easily-accessible medium ensures that they make the informed decisions that they need.
If you’re keen on expanding your market and making your websites more functional, there always exist the options of transforming part of your site into an online store. This makes it easy to operate the old-fashioned way as well as digitally so that you can increase customer loyalty, as well as your conversion rates.

Establish your credibility as a business within the digital realm with websites stating your hours of operation and your location so that customers’ minds can be put at ease. Having websites to represent your business can make all of the difference in the world, and transform your small business into the thriving enterprise it was always meant to be.

Generating Traffic to Your Business

In this fast and ever growing world, there is always something new for humanity to ponder upon. New discoveries are made every day and everyday there is something new for us to learn. To be successful as a business and as an entrepreneur, it is essential that you keep up with time and modify your means of generating traffic to your business.

These days, every business has their own personalized website so their clients can visit them online. When it comes to the advantages, there is more than one when it comes to having your own website. Below are some main reasons as to how you can boost your work force potency and give you more income out of your business.

  • A Wider Plane: As we all know, billions of people surf the internet every day. Having a website of your own in a particular niche puts you out there to a much wider range of viewers, and the more viewers the more you will be perpetuating your potential clientele. It’s just the idea that your business is now on a bigger domain for everyone to view that has driven business to acquire their own websites.
  • Traffic through Search Engine Optimization: Once you acquire a website, the opportunities are endless. To generate more freight and traffic and to get even more out of your business website, you can have it Search Engine Optimized. There are two methods to Search Engine Optimization, you can either have On Site Optimization performed on you website to increase search engine credibility for your website.

Another way to optimize your website is with the help of a creative writer. When your website content has lots of creative keywords, your website will show up in results more often when someone makes a search on a search engine with a related keyword. These clever methods have helped many to improve their revenue extensively.

  • E-Commerce Websites: For those who don’t know what E-Commerce websites are, these websites provide your viewer with an option to buy your products online. By having a professional design an E-Commerce, you can upload your entire inventory online for people to buy. This allows further advancement to you business and even your website visitors can turn into potential buyers.

Clients are able to pay with their Credit or Debit Cards and have your products delivered to their homes. Having a website where people can directly buy from you, as mentioned before, makes you accessible for a wider range of customers, thus helping you generate more revenue online.

Internet Marketing

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