Top Reasons for your website to be mobile friendly

Tablet and SmartphoneMore people are beginning to use mobile phones to browse the web than ever before. Having a mobile optimized website is extremely important and if you’re not ready for the mobile revolution your website can take an extreme traffic hit. More and more people are getting used to doing everything from their smart phones things like:

  • Searching online for the next new hot product
  • Building their fitness plans
  • Planning out their daily schedules.

For many people their phones are their lives, and I’m sure those of you who are reading this completely understand that. The average working person who needs to send a quick e-mail or search for solutions for a problem that they are having will more than likely use their phone when a laptop is not accessible. Do not miss out on this awesome business opportunity, it will be like leaving money on the table.

One great reason for having your website mobile friendly to search engine optimization. Google will love you for it and it will help to bring more organic traffic your website.

Another great example of why having your website mobile friendly would be this : if you’re a new and upcoming restaurant and you want to present your best products immediately to your customers without them having through tons of loops and look through options on the menu,then having your website mobile friendly with a slider on the first page , to present your best dishes will attract and draw many more customers than those who have to go through the painful process of attempting to locate your menu because your website isn’t user-friendly.

A lot of people will be more attracted to your website especially when it is user friendly. With the ease of access, and your brand right in their face and a sleek low cost design you’re more likely to convert that casual browser to into a cash in hand customer.

The last and final reason you’re going to want to have a website mobile friendly is to reduce your bounce rate, the whole point of having a web presence is to keep people on your page and be engaged in the content that you want to display to your users. Through this I hope that you realize that having your website mobile friendly will not only increase your traffic but bring more people to come to love your brand and visit your webpage more often with thus converting more customers and naturally more money for your business.